The Top 20 Best Remote Jobs for New Moms and Dads
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Companies are often looking for people with a degree in communications or related experience, plus knowledge about analytics and search engine optimization (SEO). Freelance graphic designers create logos, websites, social media campaigns, infographics and other digital art for paying clients. Blogging is the best stay at home job for moms with babies because it can help you earn passive income. I make money from ads just from people reading my articles. I’m very confident you’ll find many options for work-at-home jobs for moms where you can start making some great money from my list below.

  • On another note, you can see if friends and family need photos- graduations, baby photoshoots, there are so many options within your own social circle.
  • By waking up early, or staying up late, working around nap time, or while your kids are in school, you can accomplish your dreams.
  • Digital and visual designers can find great roles that allow the job to be done completely from home and often on a flexible schedule.
  • They mainly work with companies seeking help on marketing and finance projects.
  • They will continue to sell even when the work is done, making this a great form of passive income for stay at home moms.

There are also some jobs that are done entirely online, like Virtual Assistant work. Join thousands of other students in my free course on how to start a profitable blog. I have a 2 year old son and am now forced to be a stay at home mom. I did work from home 25 years with 3 children and no husbond as a professional therapist treating clients and teaching. As you think about when you want to return to work, remember to have patience and self-compassion.

Online Stylist

Professional photographers are required for special occasions (weddings, portraits, maternity) and are compensated well for their services. Taking stock photos offers another opportunity for a photographer to earn money. Stock photos are in constant need by websites, blogs and online publications. World Wide 101 is a premium subscription staffing website that provides virtual assistants to those in need.

  • allows stay at home moms to upload a resume and apply for jobs and projects they can do from home from their computer.
  • Here are some of the best full-time and part-time jobs for stay-at-home parents, including average pay.
  • You’re simply assigning blocks of time to get certain things done.
  • Subject tests may be required depending on your area of expertise.
  • So it’s important to keep working at it, and to find other ways to bring in an income in the meanwhile.

As a proofreader, you’ll be the last set of eyes on a project, ready to catch any mistakes before the final piece of work is submitted. Being a flexible stay-at-home parent who works goes both ways. There are things you can do at work to make family life easier and there are things you can do at home to make work life easier. Companies hire recruiters to find the best talent for their other open roles.

Sell Feet Pics Online

As you carve out your workspace, you’ll find that you get more done and the lines between work-mom and full-time mom become clearer. Now that you have some legit jobs to choose from, you’ll need to make sure you can balance work and your parenting duties. As long as you have a passion for fashion and are somewhat tech savvy, companies are willing to provide training. However, sites like VIPKid have been increasing their global reach following these changes, so there is still potential to earn. You don’t need any formal experience to be a UX tester – you just need basic computer operating skills and the ability to provide helpful feedback. The social media manager is the liaison between a business and its target audience across all social platforms.

Any tools you need hinges on what type of stay-at-home mom jobs you’re applying for. Some ads will have it included in the details, but there’s usually contact information for you to reach out to. Earning money as a stay-at-home mom will help you pay off your debt, save for retirement, and go on that family vacation you have been dreaming of. Stay-at-home mom jobs are actually a great way to save money overall.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for something local, like tutoring or babysitting jobs, get in touch with other parents in your community. Many web developers work as contractors, giving them the independence to pick up work on their own time. Even if they work as a full-time developer for a company, they can still work remotely and practice lots of independence in their day-to-day life. As an SEO strategist, you’ll help companies with their marketing plans and content schedules to help them rank better within Google’s search results. If you’re not sure yet what job would be right for you, check out this guide with nine stay at home mom jobs that actually pay well.

  • You could also look for a part-time job at a local gym, church, or daycare.
  • You could also look at to start getting clients for your daycare.
  • Do you enjoy structuring your child’s day with fun enrichment activities?
  • Achieving a balance between professional and personal lives as a mom is challenging.
  • This job is very flexible as you decide which hours work best for you and it doesn’t cost much to get started.
  • It takes time and practice to become an expert in SEO, so if you’re new at it, you’ll need a significant amount of training.

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